EPI Group established in 1985, has a portfolio of more than 35 years of experience in the heavy industry, energy, hydrocarbons, industrial hydraulics and oil & gas equipment, the manufacture of systems of information display for public transport, and telecommunications.

We are present on 4 continents. With over 1300 collaborators, EPI Group has a commercial presence in Europe, North Africa, Asia and Middle East.

EPI Group, manufacturer, certified collaborator, distributor and representative of several international groups in the industry filed, relies on his experience to offer you customized solutions. EPI Group is constantly developing its know-how, skills and technological expertise for you to take advantage of its best performances.

EPI Group, specialized in the trade of industrial supplies, brings concrete answers to modern industry. EPI Group experience is always turned toward innovation. Today, this force of creation is oriented towards solutions that are robust, reliable and economic, well suited to the industry sector.

All the facilities of the EPI Group meet strict performance, robustness, security and usability criteria. The range of materials of the EPI selection represents a benchmark for our industry. It is as well as the products we offer have become the reference on the market in terms of productivity, efficiency, profitability and environmental responsibility. Our services were therefore able to acquire the experience and expertise to study, plan, estimate the budget required to carry out such operations, and drive/go with a draft of the study until completion and implementation phase on the road.

Our goal is to pass on to our customers our know-how in our areas of focus and our core businesses.

Our fruitful long-term collaborations, enabled us to establish a relationship of trust with key accounts, demanding and uncompromising on the quality of the products and services they are seeking.

Our clients come from sectors very, such as producers/refiners of oil, automobile manufacturers, industry, aviation, transport and much more...