*Project design up completion of works, including architectural work.

*Expertise in environmental protection structure design and structures with specific risks or dynamic stresses (vibrations – blast-proof – containment – exposure to thermal flows).

*Multi-site deployment engineering, especially for gas stations and banking networks.

*High performance technical digital resources – Advanced Structural and Fluids Engineering Software.

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*Capable of taking on any sized projects, from design to commissioning.

*Perfect knowledge of client installations and standards.

*High performance digital technical resources (BIM, SEDI, EDM).

*Present in the industrial engineering sector since 20 years.

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*Phase 1: Project Custom Design.

*Phase 2: Project Execution.

*Phase 3 : Project Commissioning.

*Phase 4: Technical and Operational Support.

*Control of production process.

*Training of personnel.

*The local team is ready and authorized to operate.

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customer satisfaction remains a major objective of our strategy


Our quality standards are strict . We work continuously on the composition of products to get the best price / quality ratio .


The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. For us every customer is unique, so we will always be with you to meet your needs.


Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.We perform ongoing refresher our products.

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